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Originally born with the goal of collecting writeups from various CTFs tasks, this blog has now become my personal website were I collect all sort of crap. Since I rarely find the time to write a blog post about the challenges I decided to store my solutions here.

News from the world

In this column I usually share recent articles, news and papers which I found particularly interesting:

  • [Link - Oct. 17, 2019]: Google Pixel 4's Face Unlock works even if you have your eyes closed
  • [Link - Oct. 11, 2019]: Details on Uzbekistan Government Malware: SandCat
  • [Link - Oct. 9, 2019]: Cheating at Professional Poker
  • [Link - Aug. 29, 2019]: A very deep dive into iOS Exploit chains found in the wild
  • [Link - Aug. 8, 2019]: Clicker Trojan Installed from Google Play by Some 102,000,000 Android Users